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"Wisdom is not the product of schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it"
- Albert Einstein
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omg LOL

Scissor Sweep

Learned it on Tuesday. Applied it successfully on Saturday. Felt pretty good.

Got a stripe promotion at the academy and an A on my radiation physics test on thursday. A on my math test on friday. And watching UFC on saturday. Best weekend EVER!



My other favorite BJJ cartoon.

this is quite funny. it really does feel like this when i try to explain to people that my family trains in this art.

Popped my knee doing single leg takedowns today. Sucks that im sidelined for awhile but i feel like a boss telling people that i got it from training.


Now that i’ve been coming regularly to class, there are a few things i’ve noticed about my school and i was wondering if it was like this at all schools or just my own.

WARM UPS - we run through them so fast like they want to get it over with so we can squeeze as much as we can in the hour class. 

TIME - we only have one hour and as soon as that hour is up, we immediately do a short cool down for about 2 minutes, line up, bow to master, each other, end class. Then everybody peaces out except the “advanced” belts

ROLLING - only white belts 3 stripes and up are allowed to roll with each other after class. 

AFTER CLASS - if i wanted to stay and work on that days techniques i can’t because the higher belts are busy with each other and all the other lower ranked belts run outta there like they couldn’t wait for it to be over with.

i’m assuming we’re a fairly new school because the highest ranks in class are the head instructor, who is a 3rd degree black, and the owner, who’s a purple. Next we have maybe 4-5 blue belts and everyone else, which is maybe around 10 whites. (this is just the adult classes i’m talking about) Idk i just feel like i want to be in there so much longer than the one hour lesson but i can’t be. what do you guys think?

Jiu Jitsu Pains

Took a week off from class because the side of my rib hurts like shit and the joints from the 3rd and 4th finger of both hands hurt only to come back today and get my ass handed to me. After we covered all techniques for the day, we drilled for about 15 minutes. From top, we have to pass guard. From bottom, we either sweep or submit. If you don’t know any sweeps or submissions, you’re objective is to keep your opponent from escaping and/or submitting you. Well basically i didn’t last more than 1 minute with my first 4 opponents and i only managed to pass one opponent because he was gassed. I was swept and submitted with ease. I feel pretty disappointed but I think i’m just being a little hard on myself. I mean I’ve only been going for about 2 weeks anyhow. Oh well. Just gotta stay focused and keep training hard. 

I find myself thinking back to a quote from the Diaz Brothers. (Nick to Nate) “Don’t get tapped out today.” 

Gracie Barra Day 02

One word to describe today. MANHANDLED. The guy i was partnered with was pretty much built like a 250 lb football player. It’s all gravy tho. Not everyone you encounter in life will be your exact weight or size so best to just take it as a learning experience. 

I’m trying to milk my free classes while i have them (there’s about 4.) i’d rather use it in the span of a month while i look for a permanent job as an xray tech, then to blow it all in one week and have to wait til i have a steady income to keep training. 


Gracie Barra

So today, my brothers and i took our first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at Gracie Barra. Amazing. Simply Amazing. My 11 year old brother can’t wait to go back and train. I would tell you what we learned but i have no idea what the moves were called. What i can say is that i now know how to pass from full guard into side mount. We also learned some kind of hip toss to a weird armbar. IDK. Like I said, it was our first day, so please pardon my terminology. 

I also found out I passed my board exam for my x-ray technician license yesterday. And it’s also my grandfathers birthday today.  So a quick Happy Birthday Lolo! We love and miss you! R.I.P. 

Definitely a great weekend so far. 


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