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"Wisdom is not the product of schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it"
- Albert Einstein

So a duck walks up to a lemonade stand…

omg LOL

ADCC / Metamoris Pro Invitational

Super sunday in san diego? anyone know how much it is for a ticket to abu dhabi? i checked the site but it only shows the registration price for competitors. also what the hell is up with the prices for metamoris. prices range from 30-300. crazy talk. i thought it was gonna be like the worlds where it’s one price for spectators and seats are first come first serve. evidently i was VERY wrong.

Apologies for the lack of posts. Been busy with radiography school and training so yeah. Anywho, its going to be an exciting 2 months for Jiu-Jitsu and grappling. Why you ask? Well…

September 8-9th will be the American National Jiu-Jitsu Championships in Carson, CA

October 7th is the Worlds Championship - Masters and Seniors in Long Beach, CA

October 14th is ADCC North American Championship in San Diego, CA

Also some time in October will be the Gracie Barra Compnet in Irvine, CA
(crossing my fingers that it’s the week after Abu Dhabi lol)

so yeah lots of exciting events coming up! also hoping to compete for the first time at the GB Comp’s. Looking forward to that. Any advice would be much be appreciated! 

Scissor Sweep

Learned it on Tuesday. Applied it successfully on Saturday. Felt pretty good.


Haha so true.

very true. i was at the oc fair this past sunday and i was wearing my gracie barra school shirt. it’s the shirt that has the logo in the top left with “brazilian jiu jitsu” underneath. anyways, the guy who was scanning my ticket card for a game, saw my shirt and the conversation went like this

GUY: oh we got a fighter over here.
ME: *laughs
GUY: jiu jitsu. thats fighting right?
ME: um, sure. it’s grappling.
GUY: so it’s like a fight club?
ME: what?
GUY: what’s the first rule of fight club?

at this point i just laughed and walked away. but it made for an amusing conversation for a few seconds. lol


Haha this is great!

LOL amazing

Got a stripe promotion at the academy and an A on my radiation physics test on thursday. A on my math test on friday. And watching UFC on saturday. Best weekend EVER!


A black belt is just a white belt that never quit

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